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Atari VCS UK release list - v0.6


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Thats really cool. Incidentally, I checked your list and then checked my Activision collection. Those PAG and EAX numbers are interchangeable, ie. I have a Starmaster EAX-16 etc.

I think the PAG's are slightly earlier releases - most of my PAG's have the 'Activision carts not manafactured by Atari etc..' label.

They also must have used some US boxes for the UK releases, I have PAL Pitfall and Chopper Command that just have the AX cat.no.


It must have been a real swine to order this stuff if they couldn't settle on catalogue numbers

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Great list, Steve and Chris!

I found one little error though: the games listed under the Goliath label, should be listed as Hot Shot. I know for sure, as I have Chris' Hot Shot collection sitting here on a shelf


Hehe, thanks Marco, I'll get it changed as soon as!



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