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On 5/27/2021 at 9:44 AM, TailChao said:

Oh hey, it's BupSystem v0.9.6.4


Oh hey, it's been a year already... wait.... wait, what? WHAT?! WHEN?!


  • Added
    • Support for launching in Full Screen Mode, this is enabled by setting full=y in the [display] section of BupSystem.ini.
    • More robust Atari 7800 File (*.a78) parser.
    • Upgraded to JoyFish v0.8.6.2.
  • Cleanup
    • Color Dialog didn’t restore its previous settings when canceled.
    • Palette wasn’t recalculated on a console region change.
    • Direct3D 9 display texture is now padded vertically, this corrects some filtering issues.
    • Restored the behavior of rendering whether or not a cartridge is loaded.
    • Using the menu in Full Screen Mode now shifts the display downward instead of resizing it.
    • Screen Saver and Monitor Power Down are now allowed while execution is paused.
    • Recent cartridges menu was broken in Windows 95.

The more robust *.a78 parser just means it won't vehemently refuse to load a cartridge if it's surprised by any new type flags - it'll guess slightly harder. Support has also been added for loading SOUPER cartridges in the *.a78 format, albeit without BupChip support.


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On 12/11/2018 at 6:25 PM, TailChao said:


@Trebor's Suggested Palette Adjustments for 0.9.6.x

These parameters are available in the Color Dialog (Options -> Maria -> Adjust Color... or F4)


More information can be found in the included help file, and from you!

If you have any bug reports, feature requests, or are just a happy BupSystem user - let me know!

I've recently had a more thorough and better examination of the video settings.  The default palette settings for the current version,, leans slightly stronger/more red hue start point (-8%) and very well saturated (76%).


Here are the recommendations for a more even-handed/balanced video settings for both regions under BupSystem



Brightness 100% | Contrast 100% | Hue -16% | Saturation 50% | Warmth 46%



Brightness 100% | Contrast 100% | Hue -23% | Saturation 50% | Warmth 28%


1. For Warmth: 28% (Cool) | 37% (Warm) | 46% (Hot)


2. From research, including measurements and analysis via CPS Diagnostic Cartridge, and feedback from community (Especially needed for PAL), the above are the recommended settings.

  • The overwhelming majority of NTSC users have a console that ultimately results in a "Hot" palette.  
  • For PAL, the overwhelming majority have a console that ultimately demonstrates a "Cool" palette.

3. Listed above settings are with the intention of achieving CRT-like colors under a modern display utilizing the available tweakable settings.


4. For a brighter palette with better grayscale visibility set Brightness 105% and drop Contrast 95%.  This will keep black ($00) still appearing near absolute black, while not washing out hues on the higher end of the luminance scale.

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