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Dragon's Lair


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So what's going on with Dragon's Lair? It's amazing to think that I've had the license for so long that I'm now counting the days till it expires. This led to me actually asking for light duty at work so I could get the darn thing done. ;)


The code is in good shape, but it is not complete. However, there's very little outside of the grunt work of entering and testing the scenes left, and I hope to get that code mostly done tonight.


The box went to press, and the company was concerned that the box artwork was too fine for them to reproduce... waiting for a sample on that to see if it's okay.


I've printed the cartridge labels /three/ times - big thanks to OLD CS1 for his concept work. However this final batch should do it - the only thing wrong with the last batch was they were matte instead of glossy. Ew.


The PCBs are in manufacture in China. Unfortunately they won't ship until January, and are now the biggest risk by far. If they fail, I could be in trouble, as they are one of the most expensive parts. However, I already have all the components on hand for the assembly.


I have until March, I may try to ask for an extension. But in the meantime, here's the plan:


Once I have assembled one of the PCBs and it works, I will start taking orders. I should be able to ship them as they are assembled. The cost is going to be approximately $100 for cart, box, and label. The box will hopefully be double-sided (retro themed and modern themed), and the labels definitely are. I haven't decided whether to ship the box flat and labels separate, or ask preference, or what. I may let you decide. To clarify - no manual.


So - for those who want to save up - start saving now. This is your warning. :)


I am only planning to build 100 units. Some units may fail and I may not make it to 100, but that's what I have parts for. Building more is dubious, as the flash chips got hard to find (unless there was a new run of them...)


Now some goodies for those who read this far. ;) Those who follow my Twitter or Facebook have already seen most, but not all, of this.





Box mockup:




post-12959-0-64158600-1545006057.png post-12959-0-35279300-1545006066_thumb.png


and... demo:



Let's briefly talk demo!


This is an 8MB non-inverted ROM cartridge image. It should run on hardware and should run on an emulator that supports 8MB worth of the standard banking scheme. (The scheme goes up to 32MB). (The final cart boots from GROM for 2.2 compatibility. This demo does not so isn't 2.2 compatible.)


It's joystick only! I'm working on keyboard for the final but it's blowing my timing - keyboard takes about twice as long to read as the joystick. ;)


It's the full game engine, although there may be bugs I haven't seen yet. It supports the F18A for reduced flicker... if you don't want the F18A and you have one, just hold shift while starting.


There's an option for "sequence" that does nothing because there's only one scene - the drawbridge scene. However, it's fully playable and includes an option to display hints to help you through.


Easy vs Hard - they have the same sequences, but easy won't penalize you for moving the wrong direction.


You can access the secret diagnostics by pressing '5' on the options screen.


Audio is low during video playback - if you've seen any of the video encoder output you know that, but I mention it for those who don't.


I dunno... go nuts!


Disclaimer: Everything said above, and probably below, is subject to change. ;)

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Oh wow., fantastic demo :-o
I will need to take three or four for sure too, but after published the preview on my website lot of people in the club asked for one also ;)
If them will be only 100 or maybe less it will be a war :grin:

In addition, because it is missing, I also will finish a manual i had started some months ago... So i will have at least a complete package with manual as i always like to :)

Many thanks Mike for this, i am really hope that all will be finished in time. :thumbsup:

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I'm curious, is there a 'cheat code' for guys with 'sucky' playing skills?

If you play it in easy mode, you can pretty much rotate the joystick and tap the button to get through most of the scenes, since there's no penalty for the wrong input. It will also display the expected input on the screen, but sometimes it does want a really quick movement. Memorization eventually gets you through.


Tried to run it from the FinalGrom but it does not seem to appear in the menu...

AFAIK, FinalGROM only supports up to 1MB, this is 8MB. Until someone gets enterprising and lays out a PCB, or you hack one up yourself, you may be stuck with emulation.

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