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Matts's Blog - batariBasic DPC+ starting template


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I've created a template for batariBasic containing a basic game structure with the following features:

  • DPC+ kernal
  • Utlising multiple banks
  • Title screen (bank6), play screen (bank 2), game over screen (bank 3)
  • Pause mode (bank 3) - using B&W switch
This is an adaption of the ex_title_screen_and_game_over.bas generously created by the following people (thank you!):

; Example program by Duane Alan Hahn (Random Terrain) using
; hints, tips, code snippets, and more from AtariAge members
; such as batari, SeaGtGruff, RevEng, Robert M, Nukey Shay,
; Atarius Maximus, jrok, supercat, GroovyBee, and bogax.

Original available here: http://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#sprite_missile_bankswitching_example

Note: I've put this here (mainly) for my own uses going forward and will update it as needed. Free to anyone who wishes to use.

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