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I have reached the end of Castle of Doom. I spent two hours programming an attempt at an ending. I hope it will suffice. I really want this to be in the AA Store the next time Al updates it. I plan to ask him after Christmas is over. The game has 47 levels. I was hoping for 50, but hey, 47 is my favorite number. And I was pretty burned out trying to think of new rooms for the guy to traverse. The maximum number of rooms I guess I could have is 63, but that would require the rom to be 16k, which I kind of don't want to do because there'd be a completely empty bank. And it's never good to waste space.

Right now, there's 17 bytes left in bank 1 and 115 bytes left in bank 2. It was either 115, 96, or -60 for some reason. So I decided not to do -60 for obvious reasons. I will not be posting any more updates to the game because I want the ending to be a surprise. It's the only thing I didn't completely give away. So now the bug testing begins. I think Room 47 is the hardest room of all, which it should be.

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