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Tower of Rubble (2600, DionoiD)


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35 minutes ago, Dionoid said:

There is a demo ROM (downloadable from the original post) which has some limitations, but is fully playable. 

If you want the full experience (cartridge with all features, savekey support, manual, box), you're going to have to buy a copy from the AtariAge store.

Note that Tower of Rubble uses F8 bank switching, so the cartridge is supported on a Retron77.

Maybe at a later stage I can release the rom through itch.io. I don't expect many people wanting to pay for a digital-only full version, but it doesn't hurt trying this out.


The release version is different from this v1.1 version: different colors, slightly changed graphics and some minor fixes.


That shouldn't happen; do you get the same results when playing on a PC using Stella?

First, congrats on a great looking game. It looks very cool. However, I'll wait for the full version at some point. I don't want to pay for all of that extra collector fluff, as nice as it might be, just to enjoy the game. Hopefully you do release it there. Even if it doesn't sell, would it be so bad to have a little extra scratch and more people enjoying the game? Hell, screw Itch.io and sell it direct via an email attachment, cutout the middle man and the extra fees. :D


I don't have Stella on my PC, so I'm unable to test that scenario right now. I can say that it was on the R77 with Stella 6.5.2.

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Time to announce the 2nd round of the 2021 Harmony Games ( instead of using first place winner of Atari Homebrew Awards of best Graphics- Ports which was Zookeeper,but since it also won best Port, we  decided to use 2nd place winner which was Tower of Rubble,instead of having you play the same game twice. We will be using the 1 player demo version only which is posted in the first post)


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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Tower of Rubble as part of the Harmony Games High Score Competition on tomorrow's (Tue Apr 13, 2021) stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!






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I've been playing this game a lot and would love to get hold of the full version to try the two player with my brother. Is they any way to purchase a digital version similar to what champ games offer? I'd import the cart from the store, but they aren't shipping to the UK anymore.

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5 hours ago, Prizrak said:

The game isn't completed yet but will more than likely be offered for purchase on Atariage when finished.

:ponder: Tower of Rubble is complete and available on cartridge in the AA store. Downloadable ROMs however, aren't for sale yet. But plans are in progress to add that as an option to the AA store.

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