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All of the following happened in less than one second.

This message popped up on my computer saying that I had three viruses on my computer and I needed to act now. I saw there was an info box with an OK button and I wasn't going to click that. I tried clicking back on my browser, but nothing happened. So I tried clicking back about a half dozen times and it went back to what I was doing. So I acted now by getting rid of that stupid message I got for god knows what reason.

That was the first time that has ever happened to me in the two or so years I've owned this computer. And it's odd because I usually visit the same sites over and over again and don't go to new ones. I knew I shouldn't have gotten up today. Or any other day for that matter. I don't know. I've been grumpy these last few days. I guess it's because I'm sick of Christmas stuff. Thank goodness it will all end in 5 days and I can just go back to normalcy.

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