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I tried a Cinnabon original roll for the first time on Saturday night (Dec 22, 2018) from a mall and I was puking off and on all day Sunday (Dec 23, 2018). I was also very irritable not long after eating it, so it probably contains soy. I didn't like the flavor anyway, so I won't be missing anything by avoiding Cinnabon the rest of my life.

I was dizzy and my whole body ached. I had fever-like symptoms and couldn't get much sleep thanks to the short dreams where I was eating fatty foods that made me want to vomit even more. I was done vomiting by around 8:30 Sunday night, but my whole body still ached, I was dizzy and I had one of he worst headaches I've ever had.

The diabetic neuropathy pain in my toes was worse Sunday night than it's ever been. I had horrible clusters of pain that barely let up. I yelled "shit" during one of clusters and the pain immediately went away. I wondered if any four-letter word would do or if yelling anything was the answer.

After trying various four-letter words, "shit" seemed to be the magic word whether I yelled it or not. I tried making just the "sh" sound and that didn't get rid of the pain. Then I tried saying "it" and that worked. I also tried saying things such as "tea," "ta," and "la" and they all worked. I then figured out that just placing my tongue on the roof of my mouth right behind my top front teeth got rid of the pain. No need to say anything.

I'm still getting random diabetic neuropathy pain in my toes, but it seems like at least 90 percent of the pain is gone as long as I keep my tongue in position.

If you have diabetic neuropathy pain in your toes, try placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth right behind your top front teeth and see if most of the pain in your toes disappears. If this is similar to some kind of acupressure treatment, it probably won't work if you are wearing anything that blocks the roof of your mouth. Be sure to let me know if it works for you like it does for me.

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