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Random Terrain's Tetraternarium - The Mandela Effect: Home Alone


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The Mandela Effect has been blamed on misremembering/confabulation and that's true when it comes to a lot of the stupid stuff you'll find out there. But there are instances where it seems like something has really changed. Some people say that we live in a holographic universe. Others say that each person can slip in and out of slightly different realities depending on the vibration that the person gives off based on his or her mental/gut/chakra state. The Mandela Effect has to be more than just false memories.

My sister and I watched the movie Home Alone on Christmas day this year (2018) and noticed two glaring differences. We've had Home Alone on video tape since the early 1990s and watched it many times over the years. We also fast forwarded or rewound to certain spots to make sure we were quoting the movie correctly.

Home Alone Mandela Effect # 1

After Buzz ate Kevin's cheese pizza, Buzz used to say this:

"Quick, get a plate!"

But now he says this:

"Kev, Kev, get a plate!"


Home Alone Mandela Effect # 2

After Kevin orders a cheese pizza when he is home alone, he used to say this:

"A lovely cheese pizza all to myself."

But now he says this:

"A lovely cheese pizza just for me."


My sister and I (and our mother) memorized those two spots in the movie and they never changed every time we rewatched it. We got confirmation each time that we were saying the same things that were said in the movie. If critics of the Mandela Effect are correct about the human brain being incapable of remembering anything without mangling it, what's the point of going to school? Ask your college for a refund because you have been thoroughly ripped off.

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