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And all I have to show for it is a lousy Altoid. Yes, I put in a mint in the game. You'd think it would take a lot less time, but everything went wrong. I actually had to give up the first time, but I worked on it today and I did it. First, I thought I had it done, but the game wasn't working on a real Odyssey 2, which I dug out from the garage to test this on. Then I got the mint in the game, but then it stopped coming after a certain unknown point. Then I though it was done again, but I tested it again on an Odyssey 2, but it wasn't working again. So finally I looked at it and put it on O2EM, but when I died, a pink letter P, or an orange letter O kept showing up. I finally got that to stop and now I have this:

The next step is to make it appear less often. Which should be easy, but given the time spent on getting a mint to show up, nothing's impossible. I have an issue with O2EM. It seems like when I click on a game, it usually takes me 4-6 attempts to click on it to open. It just freezes, so I try again. Over and over again. The record number of tries I had to do to get it open is 9. And it's really annoying. But since the last update on it was 2011, I doubt it will ever be updated again. Funny thing is the typo. It says December 24rd, 2011.

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