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CollectorVision Club 2019


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Hey ColecoVision lunatics!

For 2019, we're creating the CollectorVision Club
This is something we had in mind for awhile and we're now moving foward with it

We're creating this club so you guys can both support us and get some completely exclusives goodies at the same time!

Only 100 Members entries available!
Membership: $150usd per year
Here's what you get:
- Membership Card
- 1x CIB Game* + its rom file (Completely exclusive to the Club)
- Access to our roms vault (Completely exclusive to the Club)

*The Complete in box game is completely exclusive to this club!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask


Please specify wich membersip number you want when ordering, thanks!

See available numbers below ---


If you're interested in being a member of the Club, please go here:




*If your name is this list below, that mean you have paid your 2019 Subscription!

1- Charles Dysert
2- Brad Dillon
3- Marc Tosi
4- Joseph Caranci
5- Brandon Needham
6- Jonathan Smiley
7- Edward Malczewski
8- Swami
9- Andrew Arthur
10- Christopher Mallery
11- Chris Herr
12- John Petit
13- William Culver
14- Zachary Stashko
15- Kenny Brooks
16- Petri Kukko
17- Emad Khan
18- Troy Whelan
19- Michael Palisano
20- Edward Langley
21- Daniel Reinfeld
22- Larry Anderson
23- Michel Brissette
24- Bryan Bowen
25- Kris Kelley
26- Dana Campion
27- Eric Chartre
28- Charles Coogler
29- Laurent Dziubas
30- Bryan Spargo
31- Alberto Ortega
32- Tony Rich
33- Doug Rhodes
34- Robert Courtemanche
35- Paul Darin
36- Philip Steffens
37- Chris Dean
38- Joseph Bryk
39- Christian Martin
40- Chuck Bremer
41- Nick Bauer
42- David Shermwin
43- Barry Reeves
44- Michael Markowski
45- Nathan Lindsey
46- Kenneth Kirksey
47- Leo Brophy
48- Bill Loguidice
49- Christopher Caswell
50- Ron Henkes
51- Jay Goldenberg
52- Josh Roger
53- Jim Douras
54- Donald Swizer
55- Marco Castillo
56- Kenneth Hanning
57- Mikael Vilhelmsson
58- Glenn Cline
59- George Vasquez
60- Timothy LaForest
61- Peter Talke
62- Dustin Sullo
63- Brian Barra
64- Kirt Taddeo
65- Steven Hoeker
66- John Messeder
67- Frank Ilgener
68- Kevin Fugate
69- Robb Alvey
70- Dan Ogrodnick
71- Sascha Haas
72- Morgan Perry
73- Todd Kadish
74- Aaron Byram
75- Brian McGreevy
76- Curtis Hepner
77- Mike Smetana
78- John Mezzacappa
79- Darren Kalaman
80- Mark Swift
81- Edward Kelly
82- Jay Coats
83- Jeff Beegle
84- Kyle Etter**
85- Todd Williams
86- Rick Weiss
87- Sean Wilson
88- Darrick Foster
89- Donald Tremblay
90- Alyssa DeAndrade
91- Doug Cornforth
92- David Gould **
93- Sven Maier
94- Jonathan Black
95- Daniel Hui
96- Mark Wagner
98- Ivan Zorzettig
99- Jay Spearing
100- Anthony Lucisano
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Interested.. do you have a list of games in the rom vault?


Can we find out the exclusive boxed game?



The vault contains pretty much all games we've released so far


The exclusive game is going to remains secret until you open the package

Although, I can already tell you people are going to be BLOWN AWAY with this exclusive game

I don't think anyone would expect this ;)


If I was to reveal the game, I'm dead sure the 100 membership entries would sold in no time

The game is THAT awesome ;)

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