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How to jump to last read message in a thread?


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Now how do you do this on the mobile version?


iOS specifically?

Change the Atariage theme to anything besides mobile, then click the last button after the page list. Does Apple Safari have a "desktop" mode?


On Chrome Android you can trick the browser into reporting to sites as a desktop so you don't get a gimped browsing experience. For example, enabling "desktop mode" while browsing Atariage, even from a mobile device, enables the wysiwyg editor instead of plain text.


Most smartphones are more powerful than any ten year old pc, so desktop modes mostly works fine, though the bigger your tablet, the better. Only thing that doesn't really work is mouseover links, but those disappeared with the dotcom bust... :P

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the blue dot is still on the mobile theme


What's kind of annoying to me is if there AREN'T any new messages (i.e. no dot) , then there's no easy way on mobile that I can see to jump to the last page of a thread. I usually have to switch to the full version site so I can see the 'go to the last page' arrow.

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