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Red Sea Crossing on eBay for a mere $8500


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It sort of seems like it could be legit? I lack the knowledge to know for sure. Interesting though I guess: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Red-sea-crossing-atari-2600-game/401664055515


If I win the lottery before the other 25 watchers it's mine, regardless of its legitimacy.


FYI I did do a search in the forums here going back several weeks and didn't find another thread about it, but if there is one, sorry.

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Now down to $7,300


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The amount of effort put into an auction worth that much is this garbage...


"I have this rare original copy of Red Sea crossing this is not a reproduction.its. One of 5 that have been found that I now of I have tested it and playe it works great.its a fun game to play .its a must have for a Atari collecter I'm taking fair offers Thanks"


For that kind of money I'd have used spellcheck, and maybe if I had learning difficulties I'd have got a friend to check the grammar/punctuation too!


...I'm calling fake

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