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Coming soon... Atari Sabre Wulf...

Bob The Bug

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I finally started my game after doing the graphics a couple of years ago. :)


One of my old favourite Spectrum games...






I'd been wondering what happened to this game after reading about it in the pages of Excel a couple years back. I didn't know/forgot, this was actually you!

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when reading the headline, I thought this is mariuszw or XXL converting the game from ZX Spectrum or Fandal converting the game from the BBC, now I see it is RS doing the game. The gfx look good, still I wonder if porting the game could be easier and faster ?!? And I am also wondering that neither mariuszw nor XXL nor Fandal has not already ported the game, since they ported several "Ultimate play the game" programs*... or if one of them may already be working on the port ?!?


* e.g. ports like Alien 8 (Fandal), Knight Lore (XXL), Lunar Jetman (Fandal), Nightshade (XXL), Pentagram (mariuszw), Gunfright (mariuszw) have already been ported (or converted) to the A8...


@Bob: This is no thumb down from me, just a suggestion that it could be a good idea to contact mariuszw, XXL and Fandal and ask them, if one of them is already working on a port, so you can join and do not "waste your time" and find out later that someone else did release the game (conversion or port) faster than you did...?!?

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