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Thats good to hear. The unit actually is here now, but no time to test it yet. Life, and all that. Hopefully over the weekend i'll dive into it and see what we really have.

I did take a close, in person look at the unit, and yeah, i am definitely seeing white, not camera glare. Also, none of the keys click like i'm use to, except for when engaging the alpha-lock.

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I did not take pictures when i had the new TI apart (had to remove the cart port's "cleaning-pad"), but it is definitely not a Mitsumi.

The key-side of the board has a whitish color to it. Keys are mounted to white plastic sockets.

The keyboard works OK, but i'm not liking the quiet, spongy feeling; i'm use to clicky sounds and stiff keys when i type.

The alpha-lock is terrible; Engaging it requires literally bottoming out the key, all the way down. Disengaging it gets you no click. It only clicks when it engages.

While i like the keyboard on my other TI better, i can tell it is starting age. I'm starting to get unintentional duplicates on my H and Space, but thankfully these repeats don't happen often, as of yet.

I'll have to see about giving it good contact cleaning, may give it another year or so of use.

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On 12/31/2019 at 7:01 PM, GDMike said:

BTW..will a old barcode handheld reader work with the jedimat keyboard does anyone know?

I'll eventually get a USB keyboard pcb from arcade shopper..

should as long as it looks like a keyboard.. the arduino teensy isnt very smart but it should work if its a keyboard device

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On 4/30/2024 at 11:29 PM, chue said:

Mitsumi in black?  I believe so, based on an earlier posting in this thread.




Ok, confirmed - there's the mitsumi sticker:



So now you can build one of the new keyboards in black. . .  :) :) :)

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