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Favorite Atari 8-bit Computer Homebrew Games?


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I know there have been quite a few great Atari 8-bit homebrew games released over time, and I'd really like to try them out. Some I have played, but I know there are many I have never personally experienced. I'd love to get recommendations from members here on what their favorite Atari 8-bit homebrews are. Doesn't matter when they were released, I just want to hear everyone's favorites. I can then track them down and try them out.


Here's the list of games suggested, posted here in alphabetical order. Last updated 01/24/19:


Atari Blast!
Baby Berks
Bomb Jack
Castle Crisis
Combat (2600)
Deathchase XE
Dimo's Dungeon
Dimo's Quest
Donkey Kong Arcade
Dr. Mario XE
Druidarium (WIP)
Dungeon Hunt
Dyna Blaster
Electro Maniac
h3x0r (1K & Deluxe)
Heli In the Caves (Ext. Edition)
His Dark Majesty
Hundreds of 10Liners
Jewel Bits
Jim Slide
Loops (DX & Zen)
Major Blink
Manic Miner
Mind Blast
Ocean Detox
Pac-Man Arcade
Pang (PAL)
Platform Engine
Project-M v2
Ridiculous Reality
Seaquest (2600)
Skool Daze
Space Harrier
Star Raiders (Phaeron v7a)
Stunt Car Racer
Sudoku Sweep
Tempest Elite
Time Pilot
Yie Ar Kung-Fu




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I play Video 61's "Venture" probably more than any other A8 game that I have. It is truly a great port.


"Space Harrier" is better than almost anything else that was ever released for for the A8s.


Also, although technically a hack rather than a homebrew, I have recently been playing the heck out of the SFX enhanced "Donkey Kong Arcade". It not only looks much more like the original arcade game but the sound effects are now spot on! I've seriously been playing it almost every day for the past two weeks.



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I would add Time Pilot and Bosconian to the list. I find both of them to be fantastic conversions for the 8-bit.


Bob C

Yes, great Bosconian. There's a 128K xex version where, like, 64k is voice. One great reason to upgrade your memory (130XE excluded).

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One great reason to upgrade your memory (130XE excluded).

I have almost forgotten what it's like to run a standard 64K XL. With all of the terrific and varied upgrade options available these days, I am kind of surprised that anyone runs a stock machine these days.

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Yes, great Bosconian. There's a 128K xex version where, like, 64k is voice. One great reason to upgrade your memory (130XE excluded).



Actually, the newest 64K version includes voice (Blast Off, etc). The title screen flickers a bit on NTSC, but the game works great in NTSC even though it seemed to be advertised for PAL. The 128K version may have better voices (I do not know), but it was good to see the 64K version get voices. I only have a stock XEGS so 64K is all I have.


Bob C

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If you like puzzle games, Tensor is a blast.


Collect the non-purple (non-blue on PAL) pieces by walking into them from the side.

Move the pieces and yourself around by rotating the screen. Rotate the screen by

holding down your <button> and pushing the joystick <left> or <right>. Walk by using

<left> or <right> without the button.


Three different versions:

1. Party Version - Runs on PAL or NTSC

2. Final Version - Runs on PAL, and functions fine graphically on NTSC with some sound glitches on the level intro screens -- in-game music sometimes doesn't play too.

3. Final Version (Packed) - Same as the final, except smaller.




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Space Harrier.



You'll need a 1MB cartridge to run it though.


Or a multicart like AVGCart or other.

But with an Atarimax cart you can save high score.


The Ultimate cart supports the 1MB (8Mb) cart. The AVG and Uno carts only support the 128KB (1Mb) Atarimax carts.

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