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Vintage collection moving sale - Tandy, Apple, Vortrax, DEC, Speech Synths,


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Hi all! I will be moving so need to reduce my collection of vintage computer gear. I have placed some pictures of the many things I am selling on this post. I am adding new things each day. A short list of items...
DECTalk Voice Synths (aka Stephan Hawkings)
Tandy 1000SX IBM PC
acoustic modem
Tandy Model 100 Portable
NEC PC201 Portable (like the Tandy 100 Portable)
Compaq portable that is a beast (aka early portable!)
TRS-80 CoCo with composite MOD
Apple II drive
Vortrax Voice Synth (a serious bad ass speech synth w/ Vortrax IC!!!!)
There are some music samples CDs in my list so keep scrolling to the end.
Also, there is a iSlate tablet. It's not retro but with the EYE TRACKER, it cost a total of $20K.
All my items are here...
All are shipping from my place in Mass. Outside of Boston.
I have turned on Global shipping for all items too.
Thanks for helping make my move easier folks!






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