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Name the two consoles with VGA output


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Most gamers are aware of the Dreamcast's ability to output VGA with an adapter.


The other is the Xbox 360, and this feature makes the console incredibly useful.


You can use it to capture video from sources such as Netflix or Amazon without the DRM restrictions of HDMI. And 1080P over VGA is no problem.


You can use it with a scanline generator to play ports of retro games, whether they are native 360 programs or compatible original Xbox discs.


But I've found it most useful to use with older XGA-resolution projectors with only VGA inputs (along with composite and sometimes S-video). You can buy these old projectors for about $20 these days, and this combo is a great entry to gaming on projectors. Dialing down the 360's output resolution to 1024x768 still looks pretty good. And if you can find a projector that can do 720P for the same price, even better.


Just wanted to share what I think is one of the best "lesser known" features of the 360.

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The VGA capability has lost its use for me, but there were several years where it was quite handy. I didn't upgrade to a proper widescreen HD TV until 2013 and still primarily used my Trinitron CRT for everything via composite. It was horrible for 360/PS3 era stuff, particularly in the second half of the gen. Using VGA I was able to hook the 360 up to my computer monitor which was especially handy for games that were more problematic (significant letterboxing on my TV, text unreadable, etc).

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