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Colecovision HSC Season 12 - Round 3 - Tarzan

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Round 3 Season 12




Game Information

Game Name: Tarzan

Released by: CV: Coleco/CBS 1984.

Settings: Skill 2

CV HSC High Score: Skill 2 -366,000 jblenkle (10/2012 HSC6).

Manual: http://www.colecovisionzone.com/photos/game/manual/tarzan%20manual.pdf


This game was chosen by jblenkle


Tarzan Bonus Points: Play the game post a score= +3

Score 15,000= +2, Score 35,000= +3, Score 60,000= +4, Score 100,000= +5, Score 200,000 and up = +7

Break or set a new CV HSC High Score= +10


Everyone who Rolls the score receives 100 points for the round. The player with the highest score after rollage at rounds end, will be awarded another 10 points.


Round Ends: Tuesday February 5th at Noon (PST) 3pm (EST)


Everyone who posts a score throughout the season will be entered into a drawing at seasons end for a special prize!


The same rules and scoring system that have been used the past few seasons will be in play this season as well. Season 12 rules: http://atariage.com/...1-cv-hsc-rules





Good Luck!


Final Tarzan Scores
1)1,029,520 Bmack36 +3 +7 +10 +10 Rollage! Record Breaker - Record Setter :-o
2)1,006,500 Downland1983 +3 +7 +10 Rollage! Record Breaker :-o
3)   372,750 Ikrananka +3 +7 +10 Record Breaker :-o
4)   226,250 DuggerVideoGames +3 +7 
5)   127,750 jblenkle +3 +5
6)     60,250 ed1475 +3 +4
7)     53,500 digress +3 +3
8)      38,500 darthkur +3 +3
9)     35,500 S.BAZ +3 +3


Round 3 Totals - Including Bonus Points
1){130} Bmack36
2){120} Downland1983
3) {57}  Ikrananka
4) {33}  DuggerVideoGames
5) {21}  jblenkle
6) {13}  ed1475
7) {11}  digress
8)  {10}  darthkur
9)  {9}   S.BAZ


Season Standings - Up to the end of Round 2
  1)194 DuggerVideoGames
  2)184 Bmack36
  3)174 Ikrananka
  4)127 S.BAZ
  5)  85 Downland1983
  6)  81 darthkur
  7)  74 digress
  8)   49 jblenkle
  9)  45 SpiceWare
10)  32 bowlstir
11)  31 ed1475
12)  24 roadrunner
13)  10 NCG
14)    6 JEFF31




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What the heck is going on with the font on your score?

It is running on the CollectorVision Phoenix. The Phoenix has a new font in the bios. It is interesting that the last 0 in the score isn't an actual 0, but is just a background image since it doesn't change. That is why the last number looks different. You can see the different font in the Game Over Text as well.

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Did you figure out what you were supposed to do? When you get to the Temple you have to release all the imprisoned apes and make your way to the very top. When you are on top, press any key on the keypad to give the Tarzan yell and you complete that level.


I had totally forgotten that the first few times playing this round and didn't remember until I checked the instruction manual.


42,500 35,500

attachicon.gifTarzan (CV) e 42500.png


I failed to figure out what to do at the temple after freeing all the prisoners.


edit: Scratch that first score, I was playing on Skill 1. Still the same problem at the temple.

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I couldn't get him to call at the top of the temple and got beat down by the fireballs til dead. oh well. almost.



As soon as you get to the top then move to the left or right to get away from the mouth. Then quickly press a kepyad button. That's what seemed to be working for me.

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Tarzan [skill 2]: 56,500 pts. Well, finally got Tarzan to unleash his call on the idol stage. Was getting annoyed with pressing the buttons and having nothing happen until I realized I had to hit the number keys. The next stage was very unforgiving with yellow snakes in many of the trees and holes every time I land on the ground. A fun game once you get used to it.




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Tarzan [skill 2]: 226,250 pts. I was able to beat the idol stage about six or seven times this time. Feels like the more stages you beat, the more screens there are before you reach the idol/temple again. Little monkey's actually helpful because you hear him screeching whenever you are near trap holes; however, I was fortunate enough to spend most of my time in the air swinging from vine to vine this time. The yellow snakes stayed down low on the ground for the most part this time. I have no problems handling the beast men in the trees, but the yellow snakes can be annoying up there.




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