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Another unreleased CV game found and preserved!


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Another boxing game on colecovision.


How about Desert Fox?


I would question Desert Fox only because of the relatively late release on the platforms it was released on (1986). Fight Night (1985) is a bit more in line with the active commercial lifespan of the ColecoVision.

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OR..... a game in the list doesn't have the right developper? ;)



I like Pixelboy's guess of Necromancer since this game could have very easily been in development as a CV cartridge first and then part of the unreleased "The Best of Synapse" for the ADAM later much the same way that Choplifter and A.E. were originally developed as CV cartridges and then released together as "The Best of Broderbund" for the ADAM.


But based on your hint re. the naming issue between Sierra On-Line and Sydney, it could be one of these:


- Apple Cider Spider

- Jawbreaker

- Lunar Leeper

- Mr. Cool


Let's see, you said the game was obscure and after you play it more, it is fun, so I will say....


Lunar Leeper

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