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Dragon's Lair is sold out!


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I’m happy to announce I am now taking orders for Dragon’s Lair for the TI-99/4A. Please read the following carefully.


Dragon’s Lair is a new solid state command module (ie: cartridge) for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A home computer. This cartridge brings the arcade experience home, bringing the full laserdisc arcade game to the home computer for, as far as I know, the first time with full color, motion video, and sound recorded from the video.


This game is licensed by Digital Leisure Incorporated for release by myself, Mike Brent (dba HarmlessLion). All queries, inquiries, and support needs to be directed to me, Digital Leisure Inc is not involved in the production of this version.


The cost of the game will be $75 US. All payments will be via Paypal. For your $75, you will get:


  • One solid state command module for the TI-99/4A consisting of a recycled shell in either black or beige (no choice, selection will be random) with pre-programmed and tested gigacart inside. Since the shells are recycled, they may or may not have a door.

  • Two cartridge labels, unstuck, one modern style and one retro style. You will stick the label you prefer onto your own cartridge.

  • One corrugated cardboard full color box printed with the ‘modern’ style artwork on the outside, and a retro theme on the inside. It is possible to fold the box inside out for the retro look, but I have chosen to ship all boxes folded as they were manufactured.

  • One 8.5”x11” mini-poster printed on thin card stock with the modern box art on one side, and the instructions on the reverse. (Some boxes may have two, but I have elected not to promise this).

  • One 4”x6” postcard with the retro box art on one side, and the copyright information on the reverse.



Dragon’s Lair for the TI-99/4A will run on both original TI-99/4A machines and the TI-99/4A v2.2 consoles. It will not operate correctly on the 99/4 (ie: no ‘A’) and has not been tested on any other machine. The game is designed to run on a stock console and does not require any expansion systems. However, it will take advantage of the GPU in the F18A video upgrade (optional!), and it supports joysticks for more precise play (optional!).


I’ll build as many as I can, but I only have parts for slightly over 100 units. It’s possible that I may find defects as I build them, but 100 is the expected yield.


Since this is a hand-built, retro production for 40-year-old hardware, and since the parts to build it are limited, this is really going to go out with no warranty. EVERY CART IS TESTED BEFORE IT IS SHIPPED. If you end up with a DOA, contact me and we’ll sort it out. But there’s a good chance that the best I can do is take the dead cart back and refund your cash.


Here’s how it will work:

  1. PM (private message) me here with your name, address, and PayPal email so that I can invoice you. If you want more than one, indicate how many, but right now assume one per person. I’ll revisit the people asking for multiple carts after I see if we’re going to be short.

  2. Messages in this thread are not orders, you must PM me.

  3. As I process your PM, I’ll reply back with your build number. I’m hoping to build 10 per week -- indeed I have to in order to meet my deadlines. But there’s no promise, express or implied, on your shipping date! Also, if you don’t have a number, you don’t have an order!

  4. I will invoice in batches as I get close to your number, so make sure you have your Paypal ready to go. When I invoice, I’ll need you to turn it around in a few days, else I’ll free up your cart for someone else. No cash, no cart!


If you don’t have an AtariAge account, or you don’t have PayPal, please find someone else to help you. I have too much to keep track of without adding exceptions. My apologies, but I have a real job on top of this!


To reiterate, the cost is $75 per cartridge. Shipping is a big deal these days, though - shipping within the United States will be $20, and includes tracking. International shipping will be $45, and international does not include tracking. International folks might want to get together to combine shipping, that will be a special case so mention it in the PM. The boxes will be encased in a separate shipping box, but do note that I will not be able to support claims of damaged boxes.


A second important note for International: customs value will be declared as a $75 USD, 8-bit computer game. I will not mark it as a gift or reduce the declared value.


So that gives us:

United States Total: $95

International Total: $120


TLDR Version: Sorry, I come from the era where everyone reads, not just nerds. There is no TLDR version. :P


It has been a lot of work, and I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ll try to answer questions below. Don’t post any of your personal information here, of course.


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Just for the record, I have no intention of cross-referencing "pm sent" with actual PMs received. ;)


I've finished processing the overnight list, and we're at 75% already, so the people asking for multiple cartridges - it doesn't look good.


A few people have requested exceptions to my process. I've discouraged this but will try to accommodate. However, ALL responsibility for my screw-ups on exceptions is your own. So please make very sure I've got it right!


Next steps: Well, I have a busy weekend ahead of me, I guess. I'll invoice in stages, and announce here when I send out batches of invoices.


A thing about Paypal invoicing - I'm told they are stupidly picky. If I don't ship to the address in Paypal, I can lose the money. So, fix your account now, or it will slow things down. If you need special handling, we'll have to coordinate that when it's invoice time - don't ask before that please. I'm tracking all this by hand and need to keep it simple. :)

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