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ColecoVision 17 Watt 3.4 amp USB Power Supply solution (user review)


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On 3/12/2023 at 9:01 AM, Atari Nut said:

Have you tried the Keelog PS?  I'm curious how that rates against the Mean Well and the ColUSB.

I have one and use it as the main PSU in my game room currently. The only real issue I have with it, is the short cable lengths. But with the redesigned plug, it fits on nice and tight now and while it might be a little noisy it didn't interfere with the composite output as bad as the Meanwell one that 1080P mentions and sells. To be fair, 1080p's PSU is designed really well, but it just seems to put too much noise across the circuits for my liking. 


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New state of the art 240 watt USB4 Cable that is also backwards compatible with the ColecoVision USB plug


In a prior post back around August of 2019 I posted Amazon weblinks to three different types of Gold plated 100 watt USB black color cables that cost around $10+ (6 feet, 6 feet left angle, and 10 feet). The bad news is those Cable Creation cables are no longer being made and any dealer that has stock will be out of stock on those cables soon.


In my research I came across a high-end premium quality cable that is made in China, that happens to be the absolute best quality USB cable that I have seen so far. China knows how to make good quality cables at low prices. For only $27.99, Amazon is selling a state of the art 6.6 feet 240 watt USB4 Gold plated cable that I have verified works with the ColecoVision USB power regulator plug . This USB4 cable has transfer speeds of 40Gbps (40,000Mbps) and can handle 240 watts of power with 48 volts times 5 amps going across the cable. Some may feel this premium high-quality cable for $27.99 at Amazon is much better quality then what is needed. But if one is willing to pay $13 to $18+ more over the cost of a 100 watt USB cable, the quality of this USB 4 cable with type C connector is excellent.


Also, maybe one day some engineer might consider making a COL USB power regulator plug that can accept 48 volts DC with 5 amp input with a 240 watt output instead of the existing model that is limited to 5 volts DC with up to 3.4 amps (17 watts output). ColecoVision owners already have custom built ATX power supplies that output up to 550 watts or sometimes 600 watts of power across the front expansion port. Having 240 watts to 600 watts of power capacity on the ColecoVision might one day power a future HDMI graphics card with built in SGM.


The following is a link to the best USB4 240 watt 40Gbps (40,000Mbps) 6.6 feet gold plated cable I have seen so far. Cable is FCC certified and has the CE Europe safety certification. The Chinese people know how to make automated factories that can output top of the line premium gold plated cables at a low price. $27.99 with free shipping from Amazon.






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