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Colecovision HSC Season 12 - Round 4 - WarGames

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Round 4 Season 12



Game Information

Game Name: WarGames

Released by: United Artists Corp. 1983. CV: Coleco/CBS 1984.

Settings: Skill 2

CV HSC High Score: First time playing WarGames Skill 2 in the CV HSC.

Manual: http://www.colecovisionzone.com/photos/game/manual/wargames%20manual.pdf


This game was chosen by ed1475


WarGames Bonus Points: Play the game post a score= +3

Score 50,000,000= +2, Score 75,000,000= +3, Score 90,000,000= +4, Score 120,000,000= +5, Score 150,000,000 and up = +7

Break or set a new CV HSC High Score= +10

Beat the Moderator Bonus - Score higher than: 141,570,000= +5


Round Ends: Tuesday February 12th at Noon (PST) 3pm (EST)


Everyone who posts a score throughout the season will be entered into a drawing at seasons end for a special prize!


The same rules and scoring system that have been used the past few seasons will be in play this season as well. Season 12 rules: http://atariage.com/...1-cv-hsc-rules/




Good Luck!

Final WarGames Scores

1)153,580,000 ed1475 +3 +7 +5 +10 Record Setter :-o

2)153,500,000 NCG +3 +7

3)139,710,000 jblenkle +3 +5

4)138,450,000 Ikrananka +3 +5

5)125,390,000 Bmack36 +3 +5

6)112,570,000 Downland1983 +3 +4

7)106,670,000 darthkur +3 +4

8)   84,690,000 DuggerVideoGames +3 +3

9)  16,320,000 digress +3


Round 4 Totals - Including Bonus Points

1){125} ed1475

2){110} NCG

3) {99}  jblenkle

4) {98}  Ikrananka

5) {90}  Bmack36

6) {80}  Downland1983

7) {76}  darthkur

8) {61}  DuggerVideoGames

9) {14}  digress


Season Standings - Up to the end of Round 3

  1) 314 Bmack36

  2) 231 Ikrananka

  3) 227 DuggerVideoGames

  4) 205 Downland1983

  5) 136 S.BAZ

  6)   91 darthkur

  7)   85 digress

  8)    70 jblenkle

  9)   45 SpiceWare

10)   44 ed1475

11)   32 bowlstir

12)   24 roadrunner

13)   10 NCG

14)     6 JEFF31




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141,570,000 (Skill 2). Added a Beat the Moderator bonus. Beat this score to earn yourself another 5 points. I have also adjusted the bonus points. It is not possible to score 200 - 300 million on Skill 2. 150 - 170 million seems to be the limit.


Yeah, the point limit for skill 2 is probably a little under 154 million. My personal best on skill 2 is 153,640,000 on 6/5/2011 with all bases and cities saved. (26 bases, 21 cities)


Saving all the bases and cities is 152 million points. Plus about 1.5 to 2 million strike points for shooting down a slightly random number of missiles, subs, and bombers.

Edited by ed1475
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War Games [skill 2]: 53,720,000 pts. Love this game, but it was easier to play on the original hardware back in the day than on an emulator. Feels weird using a gamepad controller in your hand and then having to go back to the keyboard to press the number pads to access different parts of your map and ready different weapons. Colecovision controller would've been really handy for this.




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153,500,000. A mere 80,000 points behind Ed. Fun week.


It's interesting that I had more strike points than you and Ed, despite my horrible job of saving bases and cities (impressive that you both saved them all). Sometimes my missiles cannot reach theirs (won't shoot far enough below me) and I'm out of luck if the satellite isn't in the area at the time. I'd guess my approach is very different from yours and Ed's and probably more full of panic, as I'm often switching to different parts of the grid quickly. Whether method or reaction - or a combination of the two - you and Ed have done brilliantly in protecting the bases and cities.


This has always been a fun game for me to play (love the movie, too). In my opinion, this is one of those games where it's tough to find that fine line between patience and urgency.


Edit: I see that Ed had almost 2 million strike points in his lower score, but fewer strike points in his higher score. I guess the strike points will be random as you never know how many missiles and how quickly they get into your airspace. More strike points probably means more missiles came in, which also means the higher risk of losing your bases and cities.

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