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That's it. I'm through. I officially give up Colecovision programming. It's too difficult. Even if I did end up doing what I wanted, I wouldn't have understood how I did it anyway. I guess it's back to only BASIC programming for me. Well, C too. Now I'm just waiting for the snow and wishing it got below 38 degrees. The news has been promising snow now for the past several days. Sunday night into Monday they said. Well, here it is, Sunday night, and it can't snow if it's only 38. And to think, these people on TV had to go to college to screw up all the time.

Super Bowl LXIII was stupid. The Patriots won. I knew they would. I was hoping the Rams would score more than 3 points, or WIN. But Tom Brady winning all the time makes me want to vomit the hamburgers I ate.

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