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I was looking through my game with BGB's VRAM viewer and noticed the letter Z was not my font, rather the default one. Little things like this usually annoy me, even though the letter Z doesn't appear anywhere in the game. But, just to be safe, I went in and changed it so it does. It was a math error. I thought 19 in hexadecimal was 26. Apparently it's 1A. I looked at Midspace's code. Z was in my font. Apparently in that game I had split the tile code into three different sections. In Yum, I bunched the alphabet tiles all together.

It snowed about an inch or two last night and it was enough to close the schools for the day. I would have thought it would have just been two hours late, a popular delay when it snows around here. But hey, I'm not the superintendent. At least my nephew didn't have to go to school today. Otherwise I couldn't care less. It only got up to 35, but it was enough to melt almost all the snow that was on the ground and pavement. I slept for some time today since I was up all night watching it snow.

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