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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog - Bubsy Kickstarter at 43%, rated "M", and ot


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So some fun events happening as Bubsy continues to build support in the kickstarter for more features in Bubsy: Paws on Fire (to be released in April).

Here are the tweets:

In the kickstarter video one viewer was able to translate the binary code shown...

Also apparently in the initial kickstarter video Bubsy was rated "M" for Mature which sparked a lot of talk for a few days:

Apparently the original video was taken down and now the new Bubsy game images are showing "E" for "Everyone". :P

Also last year we saw Bubsy wear pants for the first time, and this year we get to hear Bubsy say a cuss word on twitter, though not a big one...

I had a fun discussion with the Bubster along the way...

And here are some other comments about Bubsy as of late, again all of these from Twitter...

(A armadillo eating a bobcat? About like a parakeet eating a hawk but, ok...)

And fellow Bubsy Bobcat Blog staff, SpongeFox, sends us a few art pieces as well...

And a fan mash up for Bubsy which SpongeFox likes to do from time to time...

So once again an exciting time for Bubsy fans. The release of Paws on Fire is set for April, but the added excitement of if the kickstart will reach the $25K goal? Personally I hope so because I want to see my name and the names of other Bubsy fans in the credits of the new game for all eternity. :D So we'll see.

And speaking of fans, I completely 100% agree with Johnny Vila when he said:

Yep, ready to add Paws on Fire to the line up! :D

More Bubsy news soon. - Doctor Clu

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