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Robin Gravel's Blog - Reached 50th sprite + split codes + limited libra


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I just reached 50th sprite for my brawler game.

14 more to go and I'll run out of sprites. OUCH! :o

I never thought a brawler game would take so many sprites.


I checked the 10years, a program included with the compiler. There are three c files.

The main program, the cake and the sound.

I always work on one file only because it's easy for me to work with but it must have reason to split files.


In the PROGRAMMING COLECOVISION GAMES document, page 44, it's written,

''This modified version of Marcel's ColecoVision library is optimized to produce smaller games by using
ColecoVision BIOS functions and no support for : spinner, 3rd fire button, 4th fire button and less sprites.''

No wonder why I can't use Fire 3 and 4 in my program.

Maybe if I can use unmodified library to use.

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