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DoctorSpuds Reviews Things - Oh Dear! I broke my stick!


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Well isn’t this a little awkward, today’s subject for review, my recently acquired Datasoft Le Stick, has just stopped working. I have popped open the bottom to get at the wires to see what was going on and my worst suspicions were confirmed. Due to how you use the Le Stick, violently jerking it from side to side, it really does a number on the internal wiring where they all coalesce into the controller cord which leads to wires being severed. Datasoft tried to mitigate this by placing the wires into a plastic cradle and filling the whole thing with glue, clearly they didn’t think the people would be using these things 35 years later since the glue is dry and so are wires. Two wires have been completely severed, and several more have the copper wire exposed, which those severed ends are now fraternizing with leading to the thing to simply stop working.I was going to do a whole bit about which games you should play on the thing and weighing whether or not you should buy one, but with what I know now I think you should never buy one of these since the simple act of using it will lead to it destroy itself. In the brief time it was working though I did find three games that work really well with it, they are: Bump ‘n’ Jump, Nexar, and Enduro. I was going to see if I could add more to that very short list but as I was testing more games the aforementioned wire issues happened. Oh well, at least I didn’t pay the ridiculous Ebay prices. And no there is no way I can repair it, there simply isn't enough wire and there isn't enough space to even patch it up without making things even worse, now I have one more useless thing to put on the shelf.

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