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Saguaro City


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Hi guys,

Another topic regarding a new game coming (I hope) from Collectorvision.


For a french friend of me, who loved this game when he was young, playing again and again on Ti99.

Now, he also did a version of it on NintendoDS and Linux. He dreamed someone to do a version on Colecovision, and here it is :)


A game regarding a town attacks by Morgs , again and again, your goal is to save the population.


You want to know why the name is Saguaro instead of another, just google a little and you will find ;)


Some screens may change before final release.



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Every game that was on the TI994A should be on the Colecovision being as they has the same graphics chip.
I am working on Blasto as of this entry.

I suspect the only reason why TI games have not been ported is because they are not MSX games and it takes effort to reprogram the code to a Z80 CPU.

You need to rewrite the routines and the most you can really use from the TI994A would be pattern and color data where as MSX is pretty much add a Super Game Module and there you go.  (simplified but you get the idea)

My Adventure clone, which is almost done, had to be completely rewritten from the Atari 2600 due to so many differences that I could go on for another thousand words.  TI games...Not so hard.

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Just curious as to why when it's running the TI Splash screen pops up.
I an thinking now that this is not original code after all.


Hey, if you can get it to run just by altering a few things then why reinvent the wheel.


I do want the ADAM Colored Collectorvision but am going to wait until it's been released for a couple months after they get any kinks out that might show up.

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lol, the garbage with a part of TI screen at the beginning is just an "hommage" to the legacy game Tomstone City (and it is just a part, with no mention of TI on the screen, just a small glitch if you look carefully ;) ), no more. Of course, nothing about the TI source code was used to do this game. It was just a challenge for me because a friend of me really want the game on CV because he loved playing it when he was young on TI. A french guy who also did a Nintendo DS version of the game.

Thinking that I can steal some source code with no mention of that is not what I can do, that's sure ...  but of course you can think what you want ...

But, I study the TI source code (can't remember if you, Tursi, was the guy who sent it to me), to know if the number of morgs  and all the features of the game to be sure that MY version is closed or not from the original game.

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So did this game end up playing with the same rules/gameplay as the original Tombstone City?


Since you changed the name back to the original did you consider changing the Saguaro’s back to the original tombstones? 



Fun Facts: Saguaro City only had two saguaros on the mountains, none on the play field. In Saguaro City the Morgs turned into cross-style tombstones. Tombstone city itself has absolutely no tombstones in the game. Crazy TI.



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