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DoctorSpuds Reviews Things - Eggomania (U.S. Games)


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When it comes to Catch ‘em games one reigns supreme Kaboom! But we’re not going to be reviewing Kaboom! for a while, we’re looking at one of the games it inspired. Which could be? Could it be Lost Luggage, Eggomania, Big Bird’s Egg Catch, Berenstain Bears, did I find the unreleased prototype of Kickman? (Hint: it’s no). I’ve already looked at two of the more notorious Catch ‘em games, Beat ‘em & Eat ‘em and The Music Machine, and chances are you’ve read the title to this review so you already know off the bat that I’m reviewing Eggomania which means this entire beginning portion where I pretend to choose the game is completely unnecessary and I am now questioning my entire existence… … … Alright, now I’m back to a sane state of mind let’s take a brief look at Eggomania by U.S. Games.

This game is charming but also extremely weird, I really like the visuals but what’s on display confuses me greatly. You are a giant blue frog, which is actually supposed to be a bear, with a large dish on its head catching large blue eggs dropping from a gigantic bird waltzing around at the top of the screen. When you catch all of the bird’s eggs you then proceed to shoot them back up at the bird and if you hit it just right all of its feathers drop off and it flies away in its red polka dot boxer shorts to the sound of a wolf whistle. If you miss an egg all of the eggs currently on-screen will proceed to hit the ground gradually increasing the yolk level, the game is over when the bowl is submerged in yolk, that’s just gross. The bird sprite is fantastic; it’s large, colorful, and oozing with character, when you drop an egg it will actually dance along to the music as you drown, if you didn’t want to throw its unborn children at it before, know you will. The frog-bear does not look like a bear it looks like a frog, it has zero frames of animation and constantly looks like it stepped on a particularly sharp Lego, pained and anguished. Since this is a Paddle game the controls are suitably fluid, even when you’re moving through tons of fluid. Eggomania is also a very musically inclined game and thank goodness it does it very well. The music is harmonized quite well and the tunes are catchy to boot which is a rarity on the 2600. I don’t really need to describe the gameplay to you since you’ve already played Kaboom! it’s basically just a carbon copy of that with the graphics switched out but with a bit of added difficulty, since you have only the one dish if you miss it then that’s it, with Kaboom! you had the three buckets, in Eggomania it’s like you just have the one top bucket and that’s it. Personally I think Eggomania is more difficult than Kaboom! but it brings enough to the table that I think it stands out from its competition.

This is a fairly cheap game with loose copies coming in at around 8 dollars, though you can likely find it for much cheaper in the wild. CIB prices are a bit erratic, with come minty looking copies selling for as little as 12.99 while ratty looking ones ell for the same price. The most expensive CIB sale was for 40 dollars which if you ask me is far too much for this particular game, if you see a CIB copy with everything for around 12-15 bucks then I’d say it was worth it. No Collector’s Zone today, Eggomania is spared.

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