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Soulsborne thead (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne)


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Cleared another boss (wet nurse) then just thought WTF am i doing?.


I literally play nothing but Bloodborne.


I need to break out of the cycle,  so wrapped up my NG+.


Didn't bother with optional bosses or finding and eating all the cords, just got same ending as my original game.


I really need to try and get into Resident Evil 2 Remake or that's good money wasted.


I have ordered Sekiro,  big risk i know but I am hoping i can take my head out of Bloodborne fighting mechanics and adapt as i did going from DS III to Bloodborne. 


From Software seem to be getting all my playtime other than Souls-like games.


Sekiro comments to go in a different thread?

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Online friend of mine was asking for help with the Gael boss fight this evening on DSIII, but i was unable to leave a summon sign in hollow or after using an ember to restore humanity.



He messaged to say he'd been able to help others, but none of us in his friends group could leave summon signs to assist him.


Bit frustrating to say the least.






Today i started on Sekiro. 


Damn you From Software ? a totally new set of combat mechanics to learn and yes it's the most punishing game from them i have played.


But speaking as someone who never got Tenchu. .i have to say i have fallen in love with this.


No game has managed to make me feel so much like a true Ninja then promptly remind me i am not Ninja by handing me my ass ? so much as this has


My only gripe so far (1 bit of dodgy enemy A.I aside in 1 instance)..



The human characters i have encountered act superbly. .huddle near camp fires..swap rumours..raise the alarm in a natural fashion etc.


But the bloody dogs are too random and bloody annoying and don't feel right.



As for the Archers (not the BBC 4 long running radio show) formidable foes when 2 or more in areas.

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Good Grief ?


The mini-bosses are really trying my patience and then some.



I'm at the stage where i am facing the option of either fighting a Shinobi hunter armed with a spear or some drunken Sumo looking dude.


Both are surrounded by minor foes including those god damn archers armed with radar tracking arrows (or so they seem).



Not only do you have to clear the area of the minor foes before you even think about taking on the big guys. .but the move timing seems off.


I bought the Mikiri Counter move, which you need to counter the Shinobi hunter, can pull the move off each and every time at practice with zombie dude at the training temple..but try it on the mini-boss, no way.


It's starting to really grind away having to clear area before taking on boss only to get your ass handed to you.


Previous From Software games did not suffer from this bloody area clearing b.s so why put it in here?

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Think it's fair to say i am persevering with Sekiro at this point,  rather than actually enjoying it.


Beat the Shinobi Hunter but not by using Mikiri Counter, so that was a total waste of skill points.


Blown 3000 sen on a throwing star upgrade i can't use as of yet.


Unlocked a lot of skills, prosthetic arm weapons,stealth skills, combat moves etc,  none of which really seem to be helping much at all ...


Learning to be more patient and thin packs of foes out.


Found a lot of new areas and made it as far as the chained ogre.



But in terms of getting much from it after a good few days solid play, it's miles behind the Souls/Bloodborne series,  literally miles. 

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Guess its worth the announcement in this thread, I finally beat Bloodborne + DLC a week ago. Instantly started NG+ and destroyed the first 6 bosses in an evening.


Been reading a lot of mixed opinions about Sekiro.. the setting sounds amazing, but then I've read about people getting exhausted from the battles since they need a lot of concentration, way more than other From Software titles.

As much as I like a challenge, I did find the Orphan battle exhausting as well.. been stuck for months on that boss, got way overleveled before I could beat it, which is why NG+ so far is a walk in the park.


So comparing boss fights between Sekiro and Bloodborne, how does Sekiro boss battles do compared to Orphan of Kos?

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I got a chance to try Sekiro on Friday.  Made it to the first mini-boss, forget the name.  Some similarities with Souls games, many differences.   I found I was doing better dodging attacks in combat, than I did by blocking.


It was kind of fun, but at the same time didn't make me feel the need to purchase it.    But I know it was a mistake to judge any of the Souls games from their intro-area, and the same is probably true here.

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I can only give you my honest thoughts on Sekiro but today was the day.


1 mini-boss left to deal with (chained Ogre) and because i had p#ssed my skill points away earlier in the game i need to grind to be able to unlock ability to carry more things that let me use the fire vent weapon on my arm..but watching the blue bar fill up by such a miniscule amount with each kill was..wait for it..soul destroying. 



Encountered my first REAL boss..Lady Butterfly. 


An old woman who  handed me my ass..right from the start.




I've kicked Sekiro into the long grass as it were.


It's back in the cupboard. 


There are too many factors not in it's favour.


I miss the online side and messages etc.


It's worse than DS2 for throwing in cheap mini-bosses just because and you don't get prayer beads so can't improve health etc until you take them out.


1 bead per boss. .4 beads needed to power up....sigh.



The Japanese lore is lost on me.


They sheer sense of reward i felt with Souls/Bloodborne. .is missing.


Area clearing before attempting bosses..yeah..that sword wielding minion i missed before trying the Ogre..yeah, join the fight why don't you..just what i needed.



It says something when i can honestly say, as heavily flawed as Nioh was, it was enjoyable. 


Sekiro just is not and at this stage feels like a step ...sideways for From and a mistake purchase for myself.



Had any other developer made Sekiro--I swear people would be raging on it, but From kinda get a free pass.



A definite try before you buy if ever there was.

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Dug out my old save game file and the game itself and back playing Bloodborne.



Sorry Sekiro,  whilst i appreciate From doing something different,  it's just not working for myself.


It was a mistake. .we were young (well you were ?) but we just don't gel.


You try and impress with your gimmicks but i find you a little too cheap underneath and got tired of you far too quickly. 


Who knows maybe one drab and lonely day we will meet up once more and just connect,  but for now this really is goodbye.

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Took out Shadow of Yharnam and Rom this morning in my NG+ run.. also ran into Ludwig again, but man does he look impossible all of a sudden..


I'm waiting for a price drop on Sekiro, after looking at a lot of Twitch streams I figured its worth a shot at some point. 

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3 hours ago, Ninjabba said:

Took out Shadow of Yharnam and Rom this morning in my NG+ run.. also ran into Ludwig again, but man does he look impossible all of a sudden..


I'm waiting for a price drop on Sekiro, after looking at a lot of Twitch streams I figured its worth a shot at some point. 

Sekiro is the most Marmite From title i have played in the last 2 generations of hardware, but it definitely deserves a chance.


Hopefully it'll deliver for you.


It just wasn't my type of experience. 

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3 hours ago, malrak said:


What's that mean?  I'm familiar with that as a British food of some sort, but never heard it used as an adjective for anything. 

It's a very British adjective and was used in the advertising campaign. 


It literally splits people into 2 camps..those that love it and those that loathe it.




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My PS4 had the Blue Light of Death and was not able to be recovered (warped APU), and I did not back up my saves, so my Dark Souls III characters are gone! My Bloodborne character should be safe since I used the PS+ upload trick to get all three endings on one playthrough.


Let his be a warning: back up your Dark Souls saves!


I'll have to replay and remake my characters.

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On 10/18/2019 at 3:55 PM, tbone3969 said:

Demons Souls is my favorite in the series.  I beat it multiple times.  Beat Dark Souls 1 and the expansion.  Played a little of DS2 and Sekiro.  Never played Bloodborne.

Made a last ditch effort to get into Sekiro yesterday,  nope, not happening,  never going to happen. 


Not everything From touches is gold ?

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