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I have a current project that makes use of the awesome Raptor API. Thank you very much for it.

It is all in 68000 assembler so far.

I have decided to share the latest Atari Jaguar.ABS file with you. It works in Virtual Jaguar and on real hardware with a skunkboard.

I am hoping that Jeff Minter is okay with this. I have been making this game out of respect for his work.


I am sorry that I have not got that far with the project but hope to get further along this year.


I would have included some pictures in this post but could not work out how to paste in a bitmap.






*Please note latest binary at bottom of topic!

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  • 3 months later...

I have started to spawn some enemies and they are moving a bit but they need more work and some tidying before I add player shooting and collision detection. Still no sound yet. It will most likely be sample based and not chip synth! Other frills should come later.

I am coding this project from scratch (just observation of the original Commodore 64, Vic 20 and C16 versions) and not using any 6502(?) code. I did start to look at a disassembly but really am just at the beginning.


New binary is in the edited first post (hellgate23.ABS).

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  • 4 months later...

I have added some laser base shots with accompanying sound effect.

I know that everything is not perfect yet. I need to add the vertical laser base shots as well.

Another tiny bug is that there is a slight miscalculation in the wrap around of the bottom laser base by 4 pixels.

I have tested this binary on real hardware and it seems to run pretty smooth.

It feels quite satisfying when you make a shot with the B button and the sound effect responds to your action.






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  • 2 months later...

Now have 4 way laser base shots with sound effects although there is a slight graphical glitch with the vertical shots that needs fixing.

I have made a bug fix for bottom laser base positioning and made optimisations to the graphics storage so the binary is smaller now.

Also I have added some collision detection so we have the start of a playable game. No scoring yet, more SFX needed and other things to do!

Tested on real hardware, It works great, fast and smooth!


        HELLGATE31.ABS      Hellgate.031_Jaguar.PNG.9dc71be44502da07a739b9a97645f3ea.PNG



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  • 7 months later...

Still being worked on (but at a snails pace, unfortunately).


Implemented number of lives and so now there is a game over (lives do display).

Basic scoring now works.

Add explosion sound when enemy is hit.

Enemy sprites now correctly take one hit to destroy and I have doubled their speed to make it more of a challenge.


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quick update...
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  • 6 months later...

Tidied up the game screen by masking areas so bullets and enemies don't show up outside the gameplay area.

Centered game over screen and pauses for a while.

Fixed bug where number of lives wasn't being shown.

Game is in a playable state (get the high score)!!


Need to reinitialise object positions at start of new game.

Need to add more enemy patterns and add levels to game.

Need to implement high score system.

Lots of frills to add.



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  • 2 months later...

Been busy updating hellgate to latest version of RaptorAPI (2.0.20). Had to shift all the coordinates when using RaptorPRINT and halve the sample rates for the SFX but seems to be okay. Worried about CJ's remark that linkovitches DSP routines may crash in virtual jaguar after playing too long but are rock solid on real hardware. This has never happened to me, however. hey ho, that's progress for you...

BUG FIX:: laser bases are correctly repositioned to initial places upon starting a new game.


Latest binary ::HELLGATE47.ABS


WIP:: I am adding "bit's fly off everywhere explosions" and the opposite of it's type (materialising into space from parts)..

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On 2/21/2022 at 2:34 AM, SlidellMan said:

What you have so far is good. Do you have anything else planned for it?

What about option of playing hellgate Y2K with new graphics and sfx!

Also I would like to add the backstory and instructions into the binary. Still just an .ABS at the moment so can be jiffied and put on CD. 

Needs more gameplay!

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Okay so have updated Hellgate to Raptor 2.0.20 (still adding "bits fly off" explosions/materialisation). Now I want to get up to date and assembled with Raptor 2.0.30 (It does not work, yet).




Things I need to do...


text/particle layer not displaying text when assembled with Raptor 2.0.30. Think it might be related to problems I came across when numbering Raptor object ID's. I have reworked this, doesn't work yet. I have three lists. Originally, I had a text layer 'partlist.s' included in each list. Thought that might be confusing which layer Raptor was using so removed them. Still doesn't work. Might work on game screen but already unplugged my Jagpad...


Next time.

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additional information
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