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ABBUC Software Contest 2019


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Hi everyone,


a heart attack has kept me busy (or rather the opposite) so that this thread is opened rather late, sorry about that. I hope it's not too late for you to actively engage in this year's contest.


The last JHV has agreed upon several major changes in the contest which I will list briefly here:


- There are no more categories now, so any kind of program can be submitted that runs on a real (possibly modified) Atari. Therefore, demos are allowed for example, but programs that run on a PC are not.


- There is a now a total amount of 2.000 Euros that will be distributed among participants based on the share of votes that they got for their entry. So in case an entry got 10% of the total votes, it will get 200 Euros.


- Any kind of alterations of existing programs are now allowed, provided they don't conflict with other rules (i.e. plagiarism or copyright infringements).


- The major dates have been kept the same, i.e. deadline is on 31 July 23:59pm German time. The submission portal is open since 1 January at http://asc.abbuc.de


The full set of rules can be found here: http://www.abbuc.de/images/software/contest2019/ABBUC_SWC_Rules_2019.pdf


Once you guys are ready, please feel free to show your submissions here!





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Best wishes to you freetz and thank you for ogranising the contest again.


I think allowing anything to be entered and letting the voters decide is a good idea :thumbsup:


I've already started on something and as my other assembler games took between 1 and 3 years each I'm hoping to have something simpler so it can be ready in time! Saying that my brain is already pumping out crazy ideas to code! I have someone else from atariage with the game ideas and he is going to have a go at the graphics (his first Atari project) so that is nice. I might need some other input soon - always wanting someone to do sound effects if anyone want's to volunteer? I'm using MAC/65 on the Atari as you know by now.


Looking forward to the contest. Hey you ten liner guys, why not expand your games and enter something ;)

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Hi freetz,


Sorry to hear about your ill-health, I'd stear clear of Rescue on Fractalus for the moment (I'm joking of course).


One question on the terms and conditions, the latest date for submitting something is clear, but when is the annual general meeting, it's mentioned quite often, but never specified.


Thanks for running this contest!

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Thanks for your good wishes, I'm getting better (well enough to start this thread at least ;) ) and the doctors said that for a heart attack I was very lucky, just a stent and no by-pass necessary...

The AGM this year is 26 October, which coincides with my daughter's birthday, so I won't be able to join. Wolfgang said he aims always for the last Saturday of October, but last year it was a week earlier. Usually the date is advertised well in advance on the ABBUC homepage as well...

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Sorry to hear that Freetz, take care! My good friend who is also atarian also had heart attack in his late 30s, he was able to recover from it. I also have some heart problems due to too fast heart rhythm.

Anyways I'm happy to hear Bob is entering his game, I like the new rules very much also.

I should be able to start working on my release later this month so plenty of time to make some solid piece of code. It would be something 2.5D for a change.

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Once you have even just preliminary versions of your game ready, please upload them via the online portal to make sure you get everything right (technically) and you don't risk running into problems once the portal automatically closes at 23:59pm German time on 31 July (which ist just a good week to go). You can always update your entry at a later stage, so don't wait until you have the final final final version ready, but it's already past midnight ;)...

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4 minutes ago, freetz said:

We have four or five entries already, strange though that nobody has annouced their entries here yet ;)...

I like it, that there are no announcements! So the surprise is bigger, when all the software is released. :)

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Hi folks, I've already shown WIP stages of development footage of our game, but here's the final result.

The game was done by me, Kamil Trzaska, and Michał Caruso Brzezicki, who contributed with music, which is superb as always. We are teamed up since 10 years or so, and already created couple projects together.
The main idea of the game evolved from my C64 project- I thought about creating dynamic 3d envoirment in a unusual way. Then I stopped working on this c64 title, because I had no more ideas how to develop it further.

Then, after Forever party I came up with the idea of a golf game- since 3d envoirment was already there. It took me 2 days to port engine to Atari and then the main fun begun- physics!
There are two main physics procedures- one for rolling on the ground and one for bouncing. It all involved quite sophisticated algorithm and I can say I'm proud of myself even though there are some inaccuracies sometimes.
Well, I hope you folks will enjoy our game, there are 10 regular levels to beat, and there's also a level creator in which you can model the terrain.
Thank you!

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