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I'm really enjoying Dark Quest II

Cobra Kai

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I happened across this game just browsing the new releases in the Xbox store. It is literally the video game incarnation of the classic Milton Bradley board game Hero Quest. It's not a 1:1 translation, but what is there amounts to the board game original in all but just calling it Hero Quest.


Some of you might find nothing amazing about the game, it's a classic turn-based rpg, in a dungeon setting. But for me, it feels really good to play it, and brings back some good memories. This is nostalgia porn. I love the character selection, the armory (which is so similar to the old board game), and the power-up system is great, as each character has a slew of different abilities that you get to choose which ones to enable over time.


It's very challenging as well, and there's lots of dice-roll randomness with attack/defense, and treasure finding etc...Just great! It was $15 and not a penny wasted IMHO.

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