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Just how backward compatible is the CECHE 40/80GB Model?

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So my main PS3 now is a PS3 80GB "CECHE" model. I play a good amount of PS3 on it still, PS1, and PS2. I've heard two stories regarding this model:


-It has half the PS2 chips, others are emulated


-It uses 100% emulation to run PS2 games


Now, a little research tells me: "North American CECHE 80GB model excludes the PlayStation 2 "Emotion Engine" CPU chip with it being replaced by an emulated version via the Cell Broadband Engine.[11] However, it retains the "Graphics Synthesizer" GPU resulting in a hybrid hardware and software emulation.[16] Due to the elimination of the "Emotion Engine" and its replacement with a software-emulated version, the level of PlayStation 2 compatibility was slightly reduced."


So it seems like the first is true, it's a mix of PS2 chips and emulation. I've thrown a lot of PS2 games at my CHECHE and never had any problems. Can anyone say they have, or seen a list of PS2 games that don't work on the CECHE model?


Found this interesting as well:




It's a crying shame the 60GB CECHA's weren't built to last. That would be a forever system for me if it worked. Keeping my fingers crossed the PS5 is fully backwards compatible as rumors have stated it may be.

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Some guy named the "Curmudgeon Gamer" tested his library of 90 games on both the 60GB PS3 and 80 GB PS3:


On the 60GB PS3, 84 of the 90 games worked perfectly fine, without any problems at all. 4 more had minor problems; 1 required a special controller that did not work with the PS3, and 1 suffered a show-stopping crash.
On the 80GB version, only 50 of the games worked perfectly (just 56.67% of his library). 12 of them crashed completely, 1 doesn’t work online, and there’s the one that required the special controller.



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My 60GB PS3 has taken every PS2 game I've thrown at it.


Interesting....will have to keep an eye out for one of those "diamond in the rough" 60GB models that somehow managed to stay alive. Haven't seen one in a looooooong while now.


Mine is that way. It looked pretty used but still going strong. I did install a USB fan to help with the cooling though...

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You know what plays Playstation 2 games really well? A Playstation 2. They're still fairly cheap too. (Well, as cheap as video game systems get these days.)


The later PS3 models can run some PS2 games digitally... mine plays Katamari Damacy and Fire Pro Wrestling, among others. It's not everything, and there are a few games I'd like to play which aren't compatible, but it's something.

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