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Latest Atari Games (November 13, 1980)

Random Terrain

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1980y_11m_13d Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph Thursday, November 13, 1980, Colorado Springs, Colorado

(Newspaper article mentioning Championship Soccer, Maze Craze, Video Checkers, and Dodge 'Em.)



This is the first mention of Championship Soccer in a newspaper that I've found so far (including ads and articles).



1980y_11m_20d East Liverpool Evening Review Thursday, November 20, 1980, East Liverpool, Ohio

(This newspaper article is basically the same as the one above, but it mentions prices at the end.)





About a month earlier, Maze Craze, Video Checkers, and Dodge 'Em were shown in an ad, but Championship Soccer wasn't listed:


1980y_10m_22d Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Wednesday, October 22, 1980, Arlington Heights, Illinois




It makes me wonder if Championship Soccer was released a month or two after Maze Craze, Video Checkers, and Dodge 'Em.

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November 1980, aka when Cyborg made his proper debut. I wonder if he was reading this.


ETA: Holy shizzlenit, Superman is in the October 1980 ad (and we all know Cyborg first appeared in the October 1980 issue of DC Comics Presents... but I think he ACTUALLY first appeared in The New Teen Titans preview in August 1980.) This has to be a coincidence. If not, WHY DIDN'T CYBORG GET HIS OWN ATARI 2600 GAME BITD?!

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