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Odyssey 2 won't load games

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I was recently given a second Magnavox Odyssey 2, and it won't load any games. I know the cartridges are good and clean, as they work perfectly in my original unit. This "new" one, on the other hand, only gives me the bios or a black screen. I reset the pins and cleaned them with alcohol. Everything looks clean and aligned. The reset button seems to work as the screen flashes when I push it. I even took it apart and cleaned what appeared to be some corrosion off the traces near the cartridge port. The board looks clean, and I didn't find any unwanted continuity between traces, but the game still won't load. Any ideas?

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What is the chip below the processor, and where can I find a replacement?


Also, on the few repair videos I've seen, there's a common mod where a 0.1mf ceramic capacitor is soldered to the underside of the board connecting what appears to be two pins on the processor. From what one of the videos said, this was done because the 0.01mf capacitor on the top was insufficient to guarantee the proper functioning of the processor and prone to failure. Could this help in my case?

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