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Intellivision Baseball League 2019


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The Intellivision Baseball League returns April 1! Here are details on this season:

The Snakes are now the Upmonsters with a new offensive focus.


The season will consist of 12 weeks, including two inter-network weeks.

Opposing teams will both wear color uniforms for select games.

Each team will have two bye weeks during the season.

The championship series will take place on June 24.

Shortly after each game is completed, its video will be posted to the league's YouTube channel http://bit.ly/intytube

Live game updates will be available on Twitter @intysports

The league is looking for someone to review the game videos and compile team stats for the website. The amount of stats to be compiled would be decided by the statistician. The league is also looking for someone with a vivid imagination to write stories and provide analysis about the league for a blog. Please send a DM if you are interested.

Full schedule and details are up at http://intybaseball.co.nf

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This is no joke! Today is the big day! The Upmonsters host the Smash at 11:30 PT. Here is a preview of this season:


The team previously called the Snakes have new offensive weapons to help them jump out of mediocrity. If their pitching and defense can keep their opponents down, they could really take off.
The defending league champions can't get too confident. Last season they only finished one game ahead of most of the Action Network. Their offense and defense were crazy good, which they have kept intact. They also need to watch out for the four-time Action Network champion Beamriders, who will also try to take back their spot atop the division.
They will try to rebound from their horrific crash in 2018 to return to the top of the Action Network. Management really analyzed what happened last season and made improvements to their offense and defense. The team also realized their past success does not make them untouchable or infallible. They now really have to work to get back to the top of the league.
Even though they finished a game out of first place last season, they are still lacking in that extra element that will help them get to the top of the Action Network. With just a little more power at the plate, they can be a scary team.
They usually get a good start to the season but they need to work on keeping that pace in the second half. With an improved offense and their strong defense, they can blow up.
River Raiders
Last season's Battle Network champions are in a good position to repeat this year. With their strong offense and defense pieces still intact, they can soar to the top of the division.
They're one to watch out for this year coming off a big offensive season and falling short of the Battle Network title. If they can keep up offensively and defensively, they can return to their championship form of 2015.
They're slowly improving but really need to work on consistency throughout the season. They will really need to work to keep up with the rest of the network.
Deadly Dogs
They will try to get their bats hot again while pitching and defense try to improve. They've had a few years in the league now but they are still young and might need some veteran help to compete.
They've worked hard to improve this year after a dismal 2018. They need to score a lot more runs and shut down the offense of their opponents.
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