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Since I had a problem with the Atari 2600 version, I decided to abandon that version and instead attempt it on the Intellivision. It took most of my waking hours to get started on it. To have a good base to build the rest of the game upon. I had lots of trouble with the line clearing, there are still some areas that it does dumb things, so I made it impossible to do them. If the title screen looks familiar, I just took the cranberry title screen image, erased the words "Quest of the Cranberry," and put in "Billy the Ball."

To clear the screen, you need to clear 125 lines. I was having trouble with bonuses for clearing more than 125 lines, so, again, I made it impossible. All I have had to eat the last few days are potato chips and clam dip. Something must be right with that because I weigh a little less than I usually do. I love clam dip. It is now my favorite food. It used to be hamburgers until I discovered I can't eat them because my throat doesn't like them. It's odd, most of the throat problems I have occur when I'm eating meat. Except turkeys. And clams. When I was going to the post office, I saw some turkeys on the sidewalk. They looked exactly like you'd expect a turkey to look and not one of those weird looking turkeys.

It's been above 70 degrees the past few days. I hate sun. Perhaps I'm a vampire. A non-melting one. So anyway, unless I begin having trouble with this version, Billy the Ball will be an Intellivision game.

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