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Playstation 3 Slim - Cech 3001a - Power issues but PSU Tested good


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So i realize the Playstation 3 is a dying platform and frankly I have not been able to find many active forums so I am hedging my bets I can get some help here. This is not a huge deal but I picked up some non working PS3s as part of a lot and want to be able to fix them versus them going to the scrap heap. I am fairly knowledgeable on repair as I used to repair Fat PS3s and could almost take them apart blindfolded. This PS3 Slim model has a good PSU because I tested another one from a known working model I own and works fine so its not the PSU. When plugged in the standby light is red as it should be but when the power button is pressed it goes on for about a second or two then shuts off. I can press the power button again and the red standby light will come back on and I can do the same thing again with the same result.


Again have tested a known good power supply and it still does the same thing. Its not YLOD or it would show a brief yellow light before shutting off and beeping times quickly with a blinking red light, yes even on the slim models.


Someone mentioned on youtube it could be RSX or processing and need a reflow but honestly if it was that you would get the YLOD if i am not correct. Again I hate to throw this out, someone mentioned could be the hard drive, but would a hard drive cause the system to turn on and then off rapidly ?


I am open to suggestions someone said could be the Blu Ray drive but not sure if that would be causing the issue.


Thanks again in advance.

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7 hours ago, Fireflame1473 said:

I have bought a new ps3 slim as well, i used the psu as well to figureoutif thatwas the problem. It was not!! Exact same model as you and exactly the same issue. This was 3 years ago that it broke, i have yet to find a solution for this model. If you have an answer by now. Please comment back.

Well, I know nothing about the PS3 Slims, but you might want to try the tips from this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OmGCCgqVEw

They seem to be repairing a similar problem, and seem to have a few things to try for resolving this problem.

If all else fails, a good cleaning and new thermal paste might be something to give a try as well? The console is old enough that either of these could be a problem; or part of the problem.

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