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Atari 2600 Controller Port Replacement (New Source)


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Hi all,


I recently picked up an Atari 2600 (Darth Vader) with a broken controller port. One of the pins coming out the back of the port had snapped, and although you couldn't see it visually, a quick continuity check with a multimeter confirmed it.


The only source for this part I could find mentioned on these forums was Best Electronics, but I've found another source that I wanted to share.


The part I discovered is 5745001-3 by TE Connectivity, which can be purchased on Digikey and Mouser. I wasn't quite sure before I ordered it, but I soldered it in and it's a perfect fit. Digikey says the part is active, but the unit price is fairly high ($16 CAD, compared to around $2 for any common D-Sub connector), so I'm not sure if they're still being manufactured or what the deal is. Ordering from Digikey made way more sense for me in Canada than ordering from Best Electronics because the shipping is super cheap, overnight, and never has an issue with customs.


Anyways, just throwing this out there in case someone else is looking for a replacement part!





(Soldered in!)

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Thanks AtariLeaf and Shawn. This actually was a "broken" console I picked up to salvage a TIA chip from, but it seemed like a waste to gut it rather than just fix the one silly port, since it's otherwise in excellent condition. If I find a deader one, I'll definitely salvage these parts off it.


I can't seem to edit my post, so just adding some extra keywords for anyone Googling: The original Atari part number was FK100307 / CO19062, and the Digikey part I found is a replacement for that.



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This is the topic I need.  I recently did the a/v mod on my six switch.  I was all excited about playing Othello with my daughter and on player two it just makes a loud sound and will not start.  After other games, it seems player two is continually having the fire button pushed.  I will test the pins on the port and see if it needs to be re soldered or replaced.

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Here you go (not affiliated with the seller in any way). I bought a similar pair of NOS Atari connectors 3 - 4 years ago from B&C's eBay storefront, also for $10 or so.



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Looks like Console5 is back *out* of stock unfortunately.


Anyone know of additional sources online that have them for a reasonable price?


Played these at a few places growing up, and just picked up my first 2600 for some childhood nostalgia. Got an American made Sears heavy sixer, in beautiful condition.... Except that the controller ports are just loose enough for the cable to slide out while playing if it wiggles a bit. I ordered a couple controller extensions, which should help, but I'd really like to get those ports nice and snug like they should be.

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Not to try to run up the price on Atari Flashbacks but the older models can be found for about $10 or maybe less shipped.  The ports appear to be the same ones on the older models (original, 2).  On the new models they seem to be longer and not sure if they would work.  I ended up getting the Launch Edition of Flashback that looks like an 7800.  It actually has a number of useful parts...

  • 2 joystick ports that seem to be the same ones on the 2600 ... I haven't desoldered and tried yet but they looks to be matches to the ones on the 2600.. will let you know if this doesn't work
  • 9v 300ma power supply that says Atari on it ... can either put a barrel jack on the 2600 or change the jack on the power supply ... probably better to change out the 2600 since the barrel jacks are common.  Unfortunately, the barrel jack on the Atari Flashback has the 3 prongs in more of a triangle pattern rather than in-line so I don't think you can get this to work on the 2600.
  • RCA connectors ... if you are doing a video mod it can be spliced in to the daughter board from the Flashback (which has a labeled ribbon cable with Aud, Vid and Gnd) or the connectors removed.
  • 7805 voltage regulator which could be used to replace the one in the 2600
  • Case - could be modded / dremeled a bit and used to house a raspberry pi
  • Joysticks / Cables - the ones that come with the Flashback are cheap but should work on the 2600.  I like the original 2600 joysticks and need a couple of cables so I am going to use the ones off the Flashback 7800 style controllers to repair a couple of 2600 joysticks.


So for $10, not bad especially if you also need some of the items above.



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I am looking at the power jacks and it looks like the third is just for support.  On the 2600, looks like it is..




----     First leg is -

----     Second leg -

----     Third leg is +


On the flashback it looks like


----     First leg is -

        -----   Second leg on side is -

----     Third leg is +


Although the flashback has a smaller connecter and the legs are closer together.  I am thinking I can cut off the - leg on the side and mount the jack in the first two holes in the PCB and it should work.  Only issues I see is will it be supported enough with just the two legs soldered and is it forward enough to be able to get the power connector in the jack all the way.  The original 2600 power jack protrudes a little further past the end of the PCB.  If anyone has done this and has any recommendations that would be great.



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