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SpiceWare's Blog - Trip to Lafayette


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Made a trip to Lafayette this past weekend, one of my dad's good friends unexpectedly passed away. Him and his wife were the family friends we met for lunch in Baton Rouge when we went to Fort Benning back in October (they'd driven over from Lafayette to meet us).

Lafayette doesn't have much in the way of charging options, mostly auto dealerships, RV camp sites, and an Electrify America (VW's penalty for dieselgate) site at Walmart which is one of the locations that doesn't support my car (only has CCS and CHAdeMO options, if it had J1772 I could have used it). None of the hotels had destination charging either, so we stopped at Lake Charles for lunch on the drive over and charged to 100%. From there to Lafayette was about 80 miles at highway speeds, and we had about 190 miles of range left when we went to bed Saturday night.

Like Texas, charging in Louisiana is by the minute rather than kW. Without any destination charging, and having to charge to 100% with per minute charging meant it ended up costing $16.51 for about a 500 mile round trip. In contrast the trip to Fort Benning was $17.00 for ~730 miles.

I ran over some debris on I-10 that bounced up and put a dent in the driver door and the strip below. The scratch on the door is 2" (dent itself is larger) and the scratch on the strip is 4". When it occurred we thought for sure I'd punctured a tire, but I don't see any damage to it or the rim.

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