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cessnaace's Blog - Feeding My Atari #2


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Well, today was a big day package wise. My wife informed me that I "had a tower' on the front porch. This referred to 3 packages containing a total of 7 games.

Package 1 @eBay
Deadly Duck (2600)
An enjoyable shooter that I had only played via emulation.

Package 2 @eBay
Thunderground (2600)
Published by Sega (w/manual). Port of part of the Sega Arcade game Borderline. I already own the SG-1000 port, which contains more elements of the Arcade original (based on the catalog number and year of release Borderline must have been the very first release for the SG-1000. I play all of my SG-1000 and Mk. III games on my Japanese Master System). I had never played Thunderground until I tried it via emulation. I enjoy both takes on the same original game.

Package 3 @Atari Age
Demolition Herby (2600)
Custom Reproduction. I'd played this game via emulation and loved every bit of it. S.BAZ currently holds the World Record at High Score for Demolition Herby: Game 3/Emulation. Game 3 is the toughest variation.

Flappy (2600)
Homebrew. Very difficult for me to make so many rapid inputs at my age and with my health status, but I wanted to try it. A user posted a score for it at High Score. It is the current World Record holder with 917 points!

Galactopus (2600)
Homebrew. Shooter. I really like this one. It kind of reminds me of Name This Game (aka Octopus), a game I also like (and own on cartridge). Currently not in the database at High Score. As soon as I post this Blog entry I'll submit requests for it with all of its difficulty options.

Meteor Shower (Red label variant; 7800).
Shooter. I already own the Blue label variant. This game reminds me of Astroblast, or a vertical take on Meteor Defense (aka Astrowar, Astro War, Astro-War, Missile War, War 2000, etc.)

Rainbow Invaders (2600)
Homebrew. Another shooter. I haven't tried it yet (give me a slight break here, as I received quite a few games today).

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