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Adventure Ponies (Atari XL/XE )


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Adventure Ponies - Atari XL/XE (64K Required)






Dragon Trouble


Applejack Smack


Oh No! A Hydra


Rainbow Dash-ed


Uh Oh! It's Discord


You Win!





* Current Version *

 ----------------- 0.90 -----------------

- Adjusted the volume of sound effects/level music so the music doesn't drown out the sound effects.






* Manual *

After it boots into the NEON program, choose (R) for read, and the press enter when it asked for the filespec.  

Use the joystick to navigate links.




* Older Versions *

 ----------------- 0.89 -----------------

- Replaced the old sound fx with new sound fx created by  @Synthpopalooza . Updated some existing music.

- Added the new tune to the Pony Select screen (Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading).

- Other changes to sound code so NTSC/PAL versions play at the same speed.

- Changes to scoring.  If you can beat the game with a Pony without losing any lives, get a bonus 9000 points for "PERFECT GAME".






 ----------------- 0.88 -----------------

- Replaced the old music with new music created by the talented @Synthpopalooza .  There is another tune, that I couldn't fit but I will try to fit it in another update.






 ----------------- 0.87 -----------------

- Disable BASIC automatically, so the player doesn't have to hold down the [OPTION] key when booting.



----------------- 0.86 -----------------

- Added splash screen by Kaz, adjusted music volume.




----------------- 0.85 -----------------

- Added the ability to turn the music on/off.  On the "Select Pony" screen, press the [OPTION] key to toggle music on or off.




----------------- 0.84 -----------------

- Added background music to the game.  There are two tunes, one for the element levels and one for the enemy levels.




----------------- 0.83 -----------------

- Modified the Pony Select Screen to show Locked as well as Unlocked characters.




----------------- 0.82 -----------------
- Rewrite of all the animation code from C to assembly. This has improved game performance quite a bit.




----------------- 0.81 -----------------

- Optimization and refactoring of code. The game has improved performance especially on the Hydra level.





----------------- 0.80 -----------------

Original release




Edited by Gibstov
Added new version 0.90
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great game! sorry for being ignorant, but is it your first Atari game?


Yeah, this is my first game. I had been wanting to write a game for the Atari 8-bit for a while. I was thinking about writing a port of Circus Charlie since it is one of the few classic arcade games to not have an Atari 8-bit port. But strange how the muse works, or what inspires you. The Hub, the network on which My Little Pony air originally aired, created a flash game, Adventure Ponies, made to look like an old 8-bit game. I kept thinking, I could port this to an actual 8-bit system, so I finally tried to do it,

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What control do you use in Altirra to select a horse name?


On the Select Pony screen you use left and right to choose your pony.


:twisted: However, you have to unlock the other ponies by defeating all the foes. Winning with Twilight will unlock Rainbow Dash. Winning with Dash will unlock Applejack, etc.

Edited by Gibstov
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Played it a bit more. Very impressive. Great gameplay and graphics. Nice port of the game.


Thanks. I tried to port it as close as possible. I did make a change in the Diamond Dogs where they attack you one at a time, instead of all 3 together due to the limited number of sprites.

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Not bad actually... hmmmm...


I wondered what friendship could be,

Until we all shared the magic of Atari,

I was forlorn and bored

not having much fun

when along came this game

Ponies on the run

Galloping goodness

Joy would ensue

I am glad for my friends

Atari, and you!

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Updated to version 0.81


-Refactored and optimized the code. I noticed a big performance increase, especially on the Hydra level.


Kaz, from atarionline.pl sent me an awesome splash screen, I haven't been able to incorporate it yet though.


Find the new version posted in the original post.


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Updated to version 0.82


Another small update to this project. I finished rewriting all the player animation code from C to assembly. I have freed up some memory so I hope to improve the graphics and maybe add some background music.

Edited by Gibstov
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