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Adventure Ponies (Atari XL/XE )


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New version 0.89


New version of Adventure Ponies is available.  I replaced the old sound effects with new sound effects by @Synthpopalooza.  He also updated some of the existing music as well as adding a new tune for the Pony Select Screen.  I also added some changes to scoring.  If you can beat the game with a Pony without losing a life, you get extra points for a "Perfect Game".


Hope everyone enjoys ?


----- Find it in the original post of this thread ----

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I have created a manual for Adventure Ponies, in electronic form using Neon.


Find more information on Neon here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/322460-neon-demo-hypertext-adf-browser-for-atari/


Please find the Manual in the original post of this thread.


After it boots into the NEON program, choose (R) for read, and the press enter when it asked for the filespec.  


Use the joystick to navigate links.






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On 9/7/2021 at 9:42 AM, Mr Robot said:

Does the original cheat code work? 


Enter HUBMLP8BIT on the main menu to unlock all the ponies.


Sorry for the late response.  I just now saw this reply.


That code doesn't work..to unlock the ponies in the Atari Version:


On the Pony Select screen hold down the HELP key (F6) and press up on the joystick.


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