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Sega Master System games worth importing?

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The Master System library isn't the biggest here in the States, but it sure got a lot of love over in Europe. With that in mind I'm curious what European games the SMS fans here might recommend importing to supplement the US library that play without issue on a US NTSC system or Power Base Converter and 60 Hz CRT TV?

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I'd look to the PAL market first as the system is not region locked. The SMS in that region got a good supply of the higher quality/loved Game Gear releases in very fine form. Vampire (a Castlevania clone), Streets of Rage 1 and 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2, Aerial Assault, Castle/Land/World of Illusion, Ninja Gaiden, and the list does go on. There is also the Brazilian market which got some insane releases like Battletoads, but anything even semi-decent gets some asinine pricing attached to it if it only came to that region so be aware of that.


I'd try and google a list of GG games that were put to SMS carts in the PAL region. I had quite a few and they were really excellent fun the last time i had a SMS. There were also some region exclusives that got a very limited US release which were just PAL but with a US UPC attached that I'd strongly sugges tlike Golden Axe Warrior (zelda clone), Strider, and Spiderman.

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I have a bunch of pal sms games, (sonic for 10 bucks is much better than sonic for 300) and none besides light gun games have issue.

some good ones,

streets of rage 1 and 2 (different than gg ports)

ninja gaiden

bubble bobble (nicer looking than the nes port)

sonics are good as the better viewing area fixes many of the issues with the gg versions

unfortunately many of the good pal sms games are getting expensive anyway

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Bank Panic is one I still need to pick up for my SMS. Really odd that one wasn't released stateside.


I've played it in emulation. It's a good port and worthwhile for fans of the arcade game. Of course it's super repetitive but so was the original arcade.

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