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First Blog Post:

This blog will be about my thoughts on old 80s games and Toys. My first video game system was really a Coleco Telstar system then the Atari 2600. I was extremely lucky and got a Promotional use Atari 2600. I still have the system but have misplaced it I hope to find it as it was a heavy 6er Sunnydale. I currently Own another 2600 early addition 6er. Colecovision and a Intellivision.

I have over 100 2600 games with 60+ boxed. My Intellivision set is 50 boxed games Colecovision only 20 with one boxed.

What I like is the collecting I often trade or give away copies of my extra games. I do not like people who claim they are a collector because of this or that I feel that anyone is a collector and I ate game sealers. Why have a game if you cant enjoy it. I have bought several sealed games and opened them to play them. I only have one sealed game and that's because its a copy and a crappy game. I am tryng to find more about this game. so If anyone knows about it let me know.

Its a pink a pink Box and is a NTSC version not pal.. anyone have any info on this? I have pics and would also like to post it on the guide but dont know how to.

I will be doing reveiws of Games and maybe even toys. Mainly G1 Transformers..I do not really have enough Megos to do any great reveiws...

Omega Supreme

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