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Another ant-filled day here at the Read residence. Mom keeps saying she thinks Terro traps and Terminix are enough. Yeah. I'm beginning to think she's enjoying the ants all over the kitchen counter. Like that old Far Side cartoon where the kids are enjoying the fact that the slugs are back:

I'm not in a very good mood. I tried to get saving progress in Frank the Fruit Fly and failed miserably.

She refuses to do anything about the ants, citing multiple inane reasons. So you'd think she'd be a messy slob allowing ants crawling around on the kitchen counter, right? Nope. The opposite. She's a total neat freak. Whenever she cleans, she loses my stuff. I eventually found the Super Nintendo I was going to give to my sister in an inane place: In the pantry, in a box, under an Odyssey 2 console. Like I would put it there.

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