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Lunar Leeper for Colecovision (was: Prototype found!)


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Hi all.

I'm doing the Colecovision version of Lunar Leeper, a game announced by Sierra Online and only published for C64, Atari 8-bit and Apple II.

So far I've solved all the technical hurdles of it, mainly the scrolling engine and fitting all the required graphics for it. Also I've drawn all the required graphics.

Apr/01/2019 lunar valley visuals working.

Apr/03/2019 tunnel visuals working.

Apr/14/2019 game completed now in testing. :grin:

*Start of original joke of Apr/01/2019*
Last night I was testing games with my CoolCV emulator in search of things that aren't emulated properly, I had a set of backup CD with ROMs from old times (probably made in 2005).

One of these CD turned up to be interesting because it was a FTP directory that I downloaded in year 2000, it was simply named COLECO. I remember I downloaded many ROM files from FTP but didn't took note of site names.

It was a pretty complete recopilation of the Colecovision games, but one game that brought my attention was LUNAR.ROM dated Nov/04/1996, probably dumped by someone.

Interestingly I had tested all games before but this one didn't caught my attention because it was incomplete and I forget altogether about it, but this time (and after years of experience collecting Colecovision games) I recognized a prototype game!!! Lunar Leeper by Sierra Online.

It's an incomplete game, but nice to see something like this after so many years! :)

Enjoy it!

*End of joke*





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Do you recall the ftp server from which this file came? Just curious.

ftp.nanochess.org :rolling:


LOL - nice one. The description in your YouTube video gives the game away though :)

Haha I expected no one to read the video description :dunce:


So for now my personal prank mark is 32 minutes before discovery. :)




I've been pranked! May this day pass quickly. :)

Don't worry. You made me very happy :grin:

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Nice one Nano!


As soon as I saw Lunar Leeper, I knew it was an April Fools prank considering that was my guess for the CollectorVision proto that is yet to be revealed.

Glad you like it :)


I think I found interesting the game so I had to do something.


Then I should choose a more obscure prototype for next year :grin:

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