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Just me fooling around with Channel F programming. I wanted to make a game and thought "What can I make a game about that primarily uses the colors blue, red, green, and white?" Then it occurred to me: Golf. This is the result of a couple of hours:

The guy can move anywhere on screen, but he can't hit the ball. I don't know if I can continue work on this or not. But I'll try. I tried to make an all-brand new file, but it wouldn't work, so I ended up changing another file that was working to this. If I can't make the hole black, I'll just make it red. Like the guy. This is going to be like the Atari 2600 version or Odyssey 2 version of Golf, only I want to have a complete 18-hole course instead of just 9. I'm going to put in water hazards. I don't think a red sandtrap would work seeing as how the guy (and possibly the hole) are red, so sandtraps are out.

My SD card I had been using for a while now finally died. It's sad. And I completed issue 27 of the Celery comic book. You can read it online. I'm about to go to sleep soon. It's almost 7 a.m. Time for bed.

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